The educational team leaders from our partnership with the National Museum of WWII Aviation share their knowledge of concepts relating to aviation and WWII, and their experiences empowering students in science and history at the museum.

Everyone working on the K-12 education programs are big advocates for student success. The team comes from very diverse backgrounds – ranging from a marine biologist to a mechanical engineer to a nuclear physicist. What unites us is our passion for helping students realize that they can be anything they put their minds to.


Mary loves the planes at the museum more than almost anything – she even works on fixing them up in her spare time. She loves how excited the kids get visiting the museum, and imparts her knowledge of science and engineering in the lab.

Mary has a degree in mechanical engineering is currently working on a Masters in Engineering here in the Springs. Her favorite plane at the museum is the Tigercat.


Beth has been around, and has lived in far away places, like New Zealand. She loves anything having to do with the outdoors – hiking, mountain climbing, and scuba diving to name a few. She also loves animals, and participates in horseback riding. You may have seen her working her other job, at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Beth is passionate about history, and sharing that passion with students is very important to her. Her favorite plane at the museum is the B-25 bomber.

Beth has a degree in marine biology.


Bre thinks that educating the next generation about our history is one of the most important things we can do for them. She loves teaching so much, she does it outside of the museum – teaching ballet at a dance studio. A talented dancer, she brings passion to her craft. Her favorite plane at the museum is the Tigercat.

Bre has also worked as a tutor for AVID, a college readiness program, for several years.


Armando is a complex human person. He loves seeing that light bulb moment when a student is struggling over a problem, and then suddenly “gets” it. He loves interacting with students, cooking, maintaining an ever-growing collection of books, acting a fool, and is very successful at what he does. His favorite plane is the Dauntless.

Before joining the museum, Armando was entrenched in an educational non-profit working towards implementing Physics in middle schools across the country.


The newest and youngest member of the mission leaders, Ana loves how excited the kids get learning about the planes, and how much they want to learn and get into it when encouraged. A talented artist, Ana paints outside of work, and wants to get involved with art therapy. Her favorite plane is the B-25.

Ana is a big advocate for increasing accessibility, particularly for individuals who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. She is fluent in sign language.


Alisha has been fascinated by the second world war since high school, and her love of history has led her here, to the museum. Her passion for this history drives her in teaching the students who come through the museum. Outside of the museum, she is a talented professional musician, and plays the piano, cello, and sings. Her favorite plane is the B-25.


Originally born in Florida, Sherrie joined the USAF at 17, where she held several jobs, including analyzing waveforms for post nuclear detonation reporting. After 21 years of service, she retired from the USAF and started teaching high school math and science, eventually ending up at a charter school for gifted education. After teaching for 9 years, she recently changed jobs but her heart will always be in the classroom.

Sherrie has several degrees, including an Associates in Applied Science in Transportation, an Associates in Applied Science in Scientific Analysis Technology, a Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education Theory, and a Masters in education.