The National Museum of World War II Aviation is one of the 13 museums recognized by Congress as a national treasure of the United States, and contains one of the largest collections of flying WWII aircraft in the nation. The programs provided are interactive, hands-on and unique educational experiences that reach beyond the classroom. We promote a deeper understanding of: science, innovation, technology, language arts, history, and math.

Students get face-to-face with restored aircraft and experience the rich history of the World War II era in an unforgettable experience. All of our K-12 programs:

  • Are fully customizable
  • Include free teacher training
  • Immerse students in a World War II environment where they learn history and apply STEM concepts through interactive activities and experiences
  • Fully aligned with Colorado Academic Standards

K-1st: Sky’s The Limit

Sky’s The Limit introduces our youngest future pilots to the science and wonder of aviation. Students will be trained in amateur civilian aircraft identification through several in-class activities and games. After learning about the parts of a plane in class, students will be fully trained in plane identification at production headquarters at the National museum of WWII Aviation.

2nd-3rd: Keep ‘Em Rolling

Keep ‘Em Rolling focuses on building healthy habits in some of our younger students. The classroom activities included in this program empower them both intellectually and physically. After learning about maintaining a healthy body, students will be trained in how to maintain a healthy plane at production headquarters at the National Museum of WWII Aviation.

4th-8th: Salvage For Victory

Salvage For Victory has students spending their spare time collecting recyclable scrap materials for the war effort. After completing a salvage drive in their class, students will build a plane out of their salvaged materials at production headquarters at the National Museum of WWII Aviation.

6th-8th: Keep ‘Em Flying

Keep ‘Em Flying places students in an interactive simulated bombing run on a B-25 bomber. Students begin by taking a job placement test (a VARK learning styles test), and are placed in one of five positions on a B-25: a pilot, a navigator, a bombardier, an engineer, or a codebreaker.

High School: Wings Up

Wings Up focuses on the math and physical science aspect of flight. Students will be constructing their own planes at the museum based on the same constraints real-life aerospace engineers face when designed aircraft.

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